Be longing

The setting sun is the only aspect of Colorado that keeps me plugging along these days. How vastly huge the sky is here compared to the places I know. Colors, an infinity that threatens my eyes to the point of leaking tears. Beauty. no. Serenity; it’s fleeting. Water in my palm. I’ll do everything I can to hang onto it. Just a sip. I look up. That is the sky I fell in love with. That is why I came here isn’t it? I don’t know. Not anymore. But. I feel connected to *something*, a little bliss, that quick escape; a moment of knowing all and everything is gonna be okay. No matter what. It’s just a moment. A brief moment of belonging to something. Moment passes. Focus comes back to the injustice of gravity. To the metal, the concrete, the particle board, the poorly manicured world. Darkness creeps in from the east.